liste des publications

Liste des publications

Année 2018

                                     Conférences : 

-M. Berquedich, O. Kamach, M. Masmoudi and L. Deshayes, Management Approach of tensions in emergency services, The 2018 International Conference of the African Federation of Operational Research Societies 2018, 2-4 july, Tunis
-F. Bonnardot, réalisation d'un dispositif d'échantillonnage non uniforme,: approche temps réel interpolé, in CNRIUT' 2018, Aix-en-Provence, 7-8 June 2018
- F.  Bonnardot, Mesures de vitesse par le cepstre, Réunion GDR-ISIS : méthodes de traitement du signal avancées pour la surveillance et le diagnostic vibratoires des systèmes complexes, Telecom, PasrisTech, 15 March 2018, GDR ISIS                          

                                Revues : 

- M.Masmoudi, M. Chalgham and Z. Ben Houria, Fuzzy decision making for inpatient boarding : case of a Tunisian hospital, International Journal of Industrial Engineering : Theory, Applications and Practice IJIETAP, 2018  (JCR Impact Factor : 0.537)
- F. Bonnardot, Mechanical applied to human body, chapter Signal Processing : Cyclostationery approach 2018? (en cours de relecture)
-  C Corbier, Articulated Estimator Random Field and Geometrical Approach Applied in System Identification, Journal of Systems Science and Complexity & Springer-Verlag, avril 2018                                    

                                Technical reports

H.I.Cakar and F.Bonnardot, Database of randomly sampled signals ( saca project part 2). Technical report, LASPI, Fébruary 2018 

Année 2017                 


- I. Khelf, J.L. Gomez, H. André, A. Boudron, D. Rémon, Approches angulaires et intelligence artificielle pour la surveillance de machines tournantes dans des conditions non-stationnaires, Journées Jeunes Chercheurs en vibration, Acoustique et Bruit - 16, 17 novembre 2017.
- K. Gryllias, H. André, Q. Leclere, J. Antoni, Condition monitoring of rotating machinery under varying operating conditions based on Non-Stationary Indicators and a multi-order probabilistic approach for Instantaneous Angular Speed tracking, 2017, IFAC 2017 World Congress,  Toulouse, France.
- H. André, I. Khelf, Q. Leclere, Harmonic Product Spectrum revisited and adapted for rotating machine monitoring based on IAS, 2017, Surveillance 9, Fès, Marocco.
- H. André, I. Khelf, Q. Leclere, Wind Turbine Bearing fault detected with IAS combined with Harmonic Product Spectrum, 2017, Comadem, University of Central  Lancashire, UK.
- J. Gomez, I. Khelf, A. Bourdon, H. André, L. Alloin, D. Rémond, Analysis of IAS for condition monitoring by means of a simplified wind turbine dynamic  model, 2017, WCCM, London, UK.
- H. Mayssa, M. El Badaoui, A. Raad, F. Bonnardot, Discrete Random sampling : theory and practice, Surveillance 9, Fès , 22-24 May 2017
- F. Bonnardot, J. Al Fallah, Non-Uniform (re)sampling for optical encoder, First World of Congress on Condition monitoring ( WWCM), London, 13-16 June 2017
- F. Bonnardot, Influence of speed fluctutation on cepstrum, Surveillance 9, Fès , 22-24 May 2017.
- F. Bonnardot, Estimation de la vitesse instantanée par le cepstre, CNRIUT' 2017, Auxerre, 4-5 mai 2017.
- A. Brahmi, H. Ghennoui, C. Corbier, F. Guillet, M.Lahbabi, A semianalytical method for blind separation of cyclostationary sources in digital communications, 2016, International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Signal and Imag Processing ( ATSIP), IEEE, May 2017
- A.Brahmi, H. Ghennoui, C. Corbier, M. Lahbabi, Une nouvelle solution pour l'identification aveugle de mélanges de sources cyclostationnaires appliquée aux signaux de télécommunications, 26° Colloque GRETSI, Groupement d'Etudes du Traitement du Signal, Juan-les-Pins, France, 5-8 septembre 2017. 
- S. Triki, S. Hadj TAieb, M. Masmoudi, S. Afifi , A. Dammak, Epsilon constraint method for Home care routing and sceduling problem, MOPGP, 30-31 october 2017, Metz, France.
- S. Triki, H. Kamoun, M. Masmoudi, Epsilon constraint method for cell formation problem, MOPGP,  30-31 October 2017, Metz, France.
- M. Berquedich, O. Kamach, M. Masmoudi, L. Deslayes, Reactive approachof flow patient management, : The conception of a decisional interacitve system, Logistiqua'2017, Maroc, April 2017
- M. El Arbi, A.M. Karoui, M. Masmoudi, O. Ayadi, Collaborative inventory management in Tunisian health care sector, The Seventh International Congress Design and Modelling of Mechanical Systems, Hammamet, Tunisia, March 2017.
- A. Bouras, M. Masmoudi, N. El-H Saadani, A thre-stage Appointment Scheduling for an Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit using integer programming, 4th International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies ( CODIT'17), Barcelon, Spain, April 2017
- W. Neji, M. Masmoudi, R. Mallouli, A Robust-MILP for Synchronized-mTSPTW : Application to Home Health Care under uncertainties, 4 th Internaitonal Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies                ( CODIT'17), Barcelona, Spain, April 2017
- F. Hamdami, F. Bouyahia, M. Masmoudi, Platform support organ transplant process in a Moroccan context, 4th International Conférence on Control, Decision and Information Technologies, (CODIT'17), Barcelon, Spain, April 2017.                

                                           Revues : 

- J. Antoni, J. Griffaton, H. André, L. Avandaño-Valencia, F. Bonnardot, O. Cardona-Morales, G. Castellanos-Dominguez, A. Daga, Feedback on the surveillance 8 challenge: Vibration-based diagnosis of a Safran aircraft engine, 2017, MSSP, Volume 97, Pages 112-144
- A. Brahmi, C. Corbier, F. Guillet, M. Lahbabi, Mixing matrix estimation for separation of under-determined mixtures of non-stationary sources, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2017.
- A. Brahmi, H. Ghennoui, C. Corbier, M Lahbabi, F. Guillet, Blind separation of Cyclostationnary Sources with Common Cyclic Frequencies, Book, Chapter in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer,n Vol. 10169 2017.
- R. Alkhatib, M. Diab, C. Corbier, M El Badaoui, Biometric legged Locomotion, Book, Chapter in Lecture Notes, Springer , 2017.
- C. Corbier, Articulated Estimator Random Field and Geometrical Approach applied in System identification, Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (JSSC), Springer, accepted nov 2017
- O. Ayedi, M. Masmoudi, N. Benameur, F. Masmoudi, A new PSO-based algorithm fot two-dimensional non-guillotine non-oriented cutting stock problem, Applied Artificial Intelligence, An International Journal, Taylor & Francis, accepted for publication in 22/6/2017 (JCR, IF:0.652)
- F.E. Hamdami, M. Masmoudi, A. Al Hanbali, F. Bouyahia, and A.A. Ouahman, Diagnostic and modelling of elderly flow in a Frech healthcare Institution, Computers & Ind
- S. Frifita, M. Masmoudi, J. Euchi, Generalized Variable Neighborhood Search for Home Healthcare routing and scheduling probmem with time window and synchronised Visits, Electronics Notes In Discrete Mathematics Journal, 2017, (SJR, IF : 0.32).
- R. Borchani, A. Elloumi, M Masmoudi, Variable Neighborhood Descent search based on algorithms for Course Timetabling Problem : Application to a Tunisian University, The Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics Journal,  2017 (SJR :  if / 0.32)
- A. Masmoudi, K. Braekers, M. Masmoudi, A. Dammak, A Hybrid Genetic Algortihm for the heterogeneous dial-a-ride problem, Computers  & Operations Research Journal, ELSEVIER, 2016 ( JCR, IF : 1.988)